2014 Emergency Grants: Music/Sound

11 Projects Supported

Laurie Amat (San Francisco, CA), an experimental vocalist, received a grant in March to perform two collaborative projects in France, and as a soloist in a four-city tour of the International Live Looping Music Festival, ongoing.

Mike Bullock (Medford, MA), a composer, received a grant in May to perform modular synthesizer with French saxophonist Bertrand Gaugeut at Ausland in Berlin, Germany, and at Café OTO in London, England, United Kingdom, June 5-9.

Shayna Dunkelman (Brooklyn, NY), a composer, received a grant in July to perform with choreographer Amanda Pina at the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna, Austria, on July 15.

Nomi Epstein (Chicago, IL), a composer and musician received a grant in September to perform with her ensemble as part of the Wandelweiser Festival in Chicago, September 20-22.

Stephen Lacy (Chicago, IL), a multi-disciplinary artist, received a grant in January to present The Spectre with Academy Records as part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, March 7-25.

Lisa Mezzacappa (Berkeley, CA), a composer and musician, received a grant in November to present Mission Eye & Ear at JACK in Brooklyn, on November 25.

Robert Millis (Seattle, WA), a sound artist, received a grant in February to perform at the Institut Francais in Marrakech, Morocco, March 25-April 3.

Edward Schocker (Berkeley, CA), a musician and composer, received a grant in October to perform with Pauline Oliveros and his group the Thingamajigs at the Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, CA, on November 21.

Quentin Tolimieri (Brooklyn, NY), a composer and musician, received a grant in April to perform Three Comedies at the SPOR Festival for Contemporary Music and Sound Art in Aarhus, Denmark, May 8-11.

Marshall Trammell and Zachary James Watkins (Oakland, CA), members of the duo the Black Spirituals, received a grant in December to tour across Europe with the Seattle-based band Earth, January 22-February 25, 2015.

Michael Winter (Los Angeles, CA), a composer and musician, received a grant in April to tour Music, Math, Epistemology, South America through Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, May 5-June 31.