Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

FCA supports and encourages artists who continually redefine experimentality and who challenge us to think deeply about the world. We are dedicated to dialogue, inquiry, and equity actions with our artist community in an ongoing effort to ensure a diversity of thought and experience within our organization and in our grant-making. FCA supports artists of intersecting identities including but not limited to ability, age, gender, geography, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. We are committed to ongoing evaluation of FCA’s policies and practices as we continually seek to strengthen the anti-racist ethos of our organization. FCA will allocate the resources necessary to embody this goal in our programs, grant-making, board and staff recruitment, and institutional culture.

Additional Resources

Below are two resources compiled by FCA staff to share the work that artists and organizations are undertaking to dismantle racism. Please note that these are not exhaustive and they are not continually updated; please verify independently that the information you find on these external links is current and accurate.

Anti-Racism Resource List for Allies

Mutual Aid Funds Resource List

Support for Mutual Aid Funds and Regional Organizations

In June 2020, FCA made donations to the eleven mutual aid funds and organizations listed below, many founded and/or run by artists. We recommend confirming that these funds are still open and accepting further support before making a donation.

  1. Guadalupe Maravilla’s Mutual Aid Fund
  2. Crenshaw Dairy Mart
  3. Summaeverythang
  4. Yardy
  5. NYC Dancers Relief Fund
  6. The Okra Project
  7. Creating New Futures
  8. G.L.I.T.S.
  9. Native American Community Response Fund
  10. The Love Land Foundation
  11. The Roho Project